• Are there dangers in using peer-to-peer applications?
    Periodically we get notifications that student computers are hosting music illegally on campus from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). It is ILLEGAL to store ...
  • Are there guidelines for my Carthage email signature?
    Carthage Email Signature Best Practices * For more information on the Carthage College communication policies and guidelines from the Communications Office, please consult this webpage: https://www.carthage.edu/communications-office/resources/. The ...
  • Are there resources to assist with edTPA (Education Department) videos?
    Carthage Library and Information Services staff have created a webpage with resources for creating, editing, and uploading your required edTPA teaching videos. This entry links ...
  • Android Security
    For Android devices, we’ll go over the following kinds of security in detail: physical security of the device, security of the device’s data, and access ...

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