Setting Up NoMAD: AD for Mac Users

Richard LaHue
2018-11-28 15:13

In order to properly use PaperCut to print on campus, or connect to the O:/ or S:/ drives, your machine needs to be connected to Carthage's Active Directory instance. Binding Macs to Active Directory has a lot of bugs, so instead of risking your data and productivity, we're opting to use NoMAD (No Mobile Active Directory) to accomplish the same thing.

  1. Head over to and download the PKG Installer.
  2. Run the NoMAD.pkg installer from your Downloads folder (or wherever you downloaded it to).
  3. Launch NoMAD from your Applications folder.
  4. When you launch NoMAD for the first time, a Preferences window pops up. Enter the following data, then close the window:
    • AD Domain:
    • Kerberos Realm: CARTHAGE.EDU
    • x509 CA: (leave blank)
    • Template: (leave blank)
    • Use Keychain: Check the box.
    • Show Home Folder: Leave unchecked.
    • Renew Ticket: Leave checked.
    • Seconds: 7,200
  5. Read the "Welcome to NoMAD" window, check the Don't show this window again box, then click the Done button.
  6. Click on the NoMAD icon in the menu bar (looks like an isosceles triangle with a dot at each vertex), then click Sign In.
    • User Name: enter your Carthage username, which is your email address without the at the end.
    • Password: enter your Carthage password, which is the password you use to log into your Carthage email or the portal.
    • Click the Sign In button.
  7. The NoMAD menubar icon will change to include the number of days until your Carthage password expires.
  8. Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups (row 4, col 1) > Login Items tab > Click the + button and add NoMAD to this list. Now NoMAD will launch whenever you log into your computer.

To connect to the S:\ drive, see these instructions: Connecting to S Drive with a Mac | ID#1466

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