How do I request a room with Ad Astra?

2016-01-29 22:48

Carthage has room scheduling software called Ad Astra used to request campus rooms (and Carthage vans) for a meeting or event. You can also use it to see the properties of the various rooms and check if a room you’re interested in is in use on a specific day and time.

Access Ad Astra via this webpage:

Without logging in, one can view information about rooms or click the “Calendars” tab to view room schedules. However, you must login with your Carthage credentials to request a room. Type your username and password in the upper right corner of the screen. If you don’t know your password you can reset it at

Getting Started

Once logged in, you can request a room by clicking the “Request an Event” link at the upper left. The Event Request Wizard will open. Choose the request form to fill in from the drop-down box. Most of the time you will choose “Request Meeting Space in an Academic Building.” Click “Next.”

Enter Event Information

In the top portion of the next screen, fill out as much information as you can.  

Setting Meeting Information

Under "Meeting Recurrence" choose the tab for a Single Meeting or a Recurring Meeting. Enter dates or a date range, and times of the meetings. Click the Create button in that box. A meeting will appear in the "Meetings" box at the right. Click on the meeting entry to highlight it.

Requesting Rooms

Push the "Request Rooms" button. You will then see a list of available rooms. Rooms will be shown as “Available” or “Unavailable.” If you click the room number, it will show as "Selected" for the dates specified. If you have multiple dates for a recurring meeting and want to use different locations, you can click on multiple “Available” items on the screen. When finished, click the “OK" button on the bottom of the window.

Completing your Request

Once finished selecting rooms, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the “Submit Request” button. You should then get a notification of “Event Request Completed.” Click the “Done” button. Remember that this means that your request has been submitted. The request will still need to be approved before the reservation is made and can be seen on the calendar.

Using the Calendar

The view reservations on the calendar, click the “Calendars” tab. Click the “Grid” button toward the upper left. If you use the “Daily” view, you can scroll down to view the various rooms. If you use the “Weekly” view, you will need to click on the room name along the left to view the schedule for that week for that room


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