Can I capture a clip from a DVD using Jing?

2014-08-08 00:01

If you can play a DVD on your computer, and if the clip is only a few minutes long, you can use Jing to capture and save that video in electronic format. 

We will discuss how to capture a short scene from a DVD, but the same can be accomplished with any video that you can play on your computer screen – including Netflix, Hulu, etc.  To clarify, for a DVD you MUST have a DVD reader in your computer to be able to play the DVD on your screen. Place the DVD into your computer; the needed software – usually Windows Media Player or QuickTime should launch to play it. 

Second, you will need Jing software. Either go or directly to Click the download link, and watch for the warning bar at the top or bottom of your browser to allow the download. When prompted to Save or Run the file, click “Run” to install the software. Click “Run” or “Next” as needed, then click “Finish.” Once the software is installed, it may load automatically – putting a yellow “half sun” at the top of your screen. Each time you start your computer, Jing will start. If you don’t want Jing to start automatically, hover over the “Jing sun” until you get the three options that pop out. Click on the “gears” at the right. On the round Jing pop-up that results, click the gears circle again for settings. Uncheck the box labeled Launch on startup. Click the check mark to finish with the settings.

Now, with Jing installed and running, play the DVD or other video on your computer. Make sure that you are not in full-screen mode; the video should be playing in a window smaller than the entire screen. Find the part of the video that you want to record by fast forwarding, then click “Pause.” Hover over the “Jing sun” until you get the three options. Click the “crosshairs” option on the left. Use that to frame a box around the portion of your screen that shows the video. This will display the yellow Jing icons at the lower left of the box. Click the “Capture Video” button that looks like a piece of film. The countdown will begin. Click “Play” to start the movie. (Be quiet here since the mic will pick up background sounds. To prevent this, use a double-ended audio cable to connect the computer’s headphone jack to the mic jack. You won’t be able to hear the audio, but it will record cleanly.) When your clip is finished, click “Pause” to stop the move itself, then immediately click the yellow “Jing Stop” button at the lower left to stop recording. A “Finalizing Video” message will be displayed.  Name the clip when prompted, then click the “Save” button (looks like floppy disk). Check the name and location, and click “Save.” You will get an Uploading message. When you are finished, double-click on the icon of the file you created (the name ends in .swf). If this doesn’t work, try right-clicking and selecting an application such as Internet Explorer to view it.


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