How do I download Adobe products if I have a named user license?

2019-11-01 20:18
Symptom:  When displaying the list of licenses in the Adobe CC app, you will see "Buy" or "Start 7 day Trial" rather than Download.
Cause: You cannot "Use Google" (or Facebook or whatever) to login to your Adobe ID. You must have a totally stand-alone "personal" Adobe ID that you create at In fact, we encourage you to NOT use your Carthage password for this in case you need to give the password to another person, such as a student employee or someone in LIS.
If you have clicked "Use Google" or similar to login to Adobe, separate the Adobe ID from Google as follows:
1. Go to in a browser.
2. Enter your Adobe ID (which is your Carthage email) but then click "Forgot your Password."  
3. That generates an email to your Carthage email with a link to reset your password. Click the link and make up a new password (requires a number, an upper case, and a special character). 
4. Logout of the Adobe Creative Cloud app.
5. Log back in to the Adobe Creative Cloud app with your Carthage email address, but DON'T click Use Google.
6. Enter the password provided in step 3.
7. When it asks if it's a Personal or Institutional login, click PERSONAL (counterintuitive).
8. Agree to the terms.
9. The product licenses show up properly. Download at will.
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