Where do I find resources on how to use SPSS?

2017-07-14 20:22

Professor Wayne Thompson created a how-to for the use of SPSS software. The table of contents are below. If you would like to see the full text of this article, please see the attachment to this article, "SPSS Primer."

Table of Contents

  • Overview of SPSS
  • Database Management and Manipulation
    • Spreadsheet, variable view and output windows
    • Computing a variable
    • Recoding a variable
    • Variable or Value Labels and Missing Values
    • Selecting Cases
    • Statistical Techniques
      • Levels of measurement and categorical versus continuous data
      • Frequency distributions
      • Percentages, odds and subgroup comparisons: Contingency tables and the chi-square test
        • Testing differences in two means: independent samples t-test
        • Testing differences in more than two means: oneway ANOVA test
        • Testing strength and direction of a relationship: Pearson’s correlation
        • Controlling for multiple variables simultaneously: Multiple Regression



Attached files: SPSS_Primer.pdf

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