How do I delete my Google Sites webpage?

2014-10-13 20:07

Note: When a site is deleted, the space the site used doesn’t appear back in the Carthage Google Sites server until 30 days after the site is deleted, unless you choose to permanently delete it.

To delete a Google Site:

1. In the Google Apps grid at the top of the page, choose “Sites.”


2. Click the Google Settings Gear drop-down menu and select “Manage Site.”

3. Click “General.”

4. A few fields beneath the “Landing Page” you will see a “Delete this site” button.



5. Click “Delete this site.” A confirmation box appears.

6. Click the “Delete” button to confirm that you want to delete the site.

7. Permanently delete the site by going back to the “Sites” page. The page you just deleted should be listed under “Deleted Sites.” Click the link to “Delete Permanently” on the right.


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