How do I register for guest access to the Carthage network?

Guest Registration for Carthage Network Access

1. Visit in a browser window on your device.

2. Click "Request Temporary Access." 

3. Select the option to receive the required network activation via SMS-based (text message) or email. 

4. Check the box next to "I accept the terms." 

a. If you chose "SMS-based registration."

i. Fill in the requested information on the "SMS-based registration" form and click "Continue." 

ii. You will receive a text message containing a PIN. Enter that number in the "Confirm Mobile Phone Number" form and click "Continue." 

iii. It will take a moment while your connection is established. Please see the instructions in the red box if you encounter a problem with registration. 

b. If you chose "Email-based registration."

i. Fill in the requested information on the "Email-based registration" form and click "Continue." 

ii. You will receive an email from Click the "Activate Your Network Access" button in the message. 

If you are having trouble, please email, or call or visit the Hedberg Library Information Desk (262-551-5950) for assistance.

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