What do I do if the image from the data projector is incorrect?

2014-08-07 23:55

Discolored or Distorted Computer Image:

  1. Check the instructions for your room at http://www.carthage.edu/library/media/classroom-technology to determine that you have followed the proper procedure for connecting your computer.
  2. If the image on your computer screen (not the projector) is discolored or distorted, you likely have a problem with your computer hardware. Please surf to Request Tracker (help.carthage.edu) and “Create a New Ticket in Computing,” explaining that your PC image is discolored or distorted.
  3. Check both ends of the VGA cable to ensure that none of the pins are broken or bent.  If a pin is missing, this is usually okay.  If either end has broken or bent pins, the cable must be replaced. Refer your problem to Media Services by surfing to Request Tracker (help.carthage.edu) and “Create a New Ticket in Media,” explaining that the VGA cable has bent or broken pins and needs to be replaced.
  4. If neither end of the VGA cable has bent or broken pins, ensure that the cable is properly and securely attached to both your computer and the wall or AV rack connector. Once you connect the cable to the wall or A/V rack, do notremove it.
  5. After determining that the cable is in working condition and is properly connected to the wall or AV rack, if you still have a distorted or discolored image from the projector, the issue needs to be relayed to Media Services. Please surf to Request Tracker (help.carthage.edu) and “Create a New Ticket in Media,” explaining that the projector is functioning incorrectly.


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