Can I change the ratio of my PowerPoint presentation to fit a particular screen size?

2014-05-19 19:13

Creating a PowerPoint that fits the screen using Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows.

If your PowerPoint presentation doesn’t fit the projector or computer screen quite right, it is probably because it is at the wrong “aspect ratio.” An older, “standard," TV/projector/computer screen is in a 4:3 ratio, meaning that for every 4 inches it is wide, it is 3 inches tall. Newer wide screen displays use a 16:9 ratio, meaning that for every 16 inches wide it is, it is 9 inches tall. In general, this second ratio is wider. When you display a standard image on a wide screen, it either stretches (making everything look short and fat) or “window boxes” – adding black bars to the right and left of the image.

If you are creating a PowerPoint presentation, first find out whether the projector or other device where it will most often be displayed is 4:3 or 16:9. (The new laptops are all 16:9, but most campus projectors installed before 2009 are 4:3. Contact Media Services via the Hedberg Library Information Desk if you’re not sure.) Then, create or update your PowerPoint presentation.

NOTE: If you use themes, you may find that the choice of Themes built-in to MS PowerPoint 2007 is pretty limited. To get additional, better choices while on-line, click the “Office” button, then “New.” From the column on the left, click “Design Slides.” You will be presented with many categories. Click one and browse to the design you prefer. You may be asked to click “I agree.” Click “Download.” You’ll be warned that Microsoft will check the authenticity of your installation; click “Continue.” A new presentation will open with that design template. 


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