What are the instructions for using voice recorders?

2014-08-07 23:57

Making voice recordings:

  • On the back of the voice recorder, slide the “On/off" switch to the right to turn the device on. Place the "Hold" switch to the left.
  • If you wish, attach the included external microphone.
  • Press the red "Record" button on the right side of the device to start recording.
  • To pause recording, press the same red button.
  • To stop recording, press the "Stop" button located directly beneath the record button.
  • To turn off the recorder, slide the “HOLD" switch to the right and the "On/off" switch to the left to turn the device off.


Downloading voice recordings:

  • Remove cap from bottom of recorder, exposing USB connection.
  • Attach the USB extension (in the bag) to the USB plug on the recorder, then attach the extension to your computer. DO NOT plug the USB plug on the recorder directly into the computer. This causes undue wear on the plug and possible damage to the plug and computer jack.
  • Wait for the computer to recognize the recorder.
  • On Windows computers, open the “My Computer” folder and navigate to the “IC Recorder” folder.
  • Within that folder, look for sub-folders “VOICE” and within it, “FOLDER01”
  • Your audio file(s) will be in that folder. Drag and drop them to your computer.
  • When you are finished, please delete your files from the recorder by right clicking on your file and deleting it.


Voice Recorder manual may be found at: http://bit.ly/agtmZe.

For technology assistance, please contact Media Services at av@carthage.edu or (262 551-5950).  To report problems, please call the same number or email media@help.carthage.edu

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