How do I use the PowerPoint Presenter (available for checkout at the circulation desk)?

2015-01-06 18:27

PowerPoint Presenter Instructions

submitted by Erlan Wheeler III


• Plug the USB dongle into your computer.

• If your computer prompts you to identify the keyboard, close the window.

• Turn the power on the PowerPoint presenter on by flipping the switch on the top left side to the “on” position

• Open a PowerPoint presentation on your computer

• If the PowerPoint does not respond to the presenter, press the button labeled “connect” on the underside of the PowerPoint presenter.

• Use the bottommost button on the PowerPoint presenter to enter presentation mode. Pressing this button again will exit presentation mode.

• Use the topmost button to mute the video – that is, make the screen turn black. Pressing this button again will unmute the video.

• Use the left arrow button to progress through the slides and the right arrow button to regress.

• The middle button is used to control the laser pointer. Hold in the middle button to keep the laser pointer on.

• When you are done, turn the PowerPoint presenter off and remove the USB dongle from your computer. Put it back in the small baggie and do not forget to return it.


Reviewed/approved 1/6/15, B. Metzler & E. Wheeler III

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