How do I record a miniDV tape onto a DVD?

2014-08-08 00:02

Equipment for this procedure is located in the Media Suite, HL 166

Copying media without the copyright owner’s express written permission is illegal and is prohibited on Carthage College equipment!  See details at the bottom of these instructions.

  1. Assure equipment is turned on and on the proper settings:
    • TV powered on and on “Game” input (Video input).
    • JVC recorder on. DVD-REC setting should be lit green. If not, press the grey DVD button on the remote until it is lit green.
  2. Determine length of video to be dubbed.
    • Slide the miniDV’s erase protection switch to “SAVE”.
    • Place tape in JVC machine and find end of the program to be dubbed.
    • Note the program length.
    • Cue the tape at your start point and press “STOP/CLEAR” on the remote.
    • Put blank DVD in the recorder. Wait until “Now Reading…” disappears.
  3. Set recording time on the JVC recorder.  Push the “Rec Mode/Remain” button on the JVC remote:
    • XP = 60 min or 1 hour
    • SP = 120 min or 2 hours
  4. On the remote, press “”DUBBING.” Navigate to DV -> DVD and press “ENTER” on the remote.
    • Select “MANUAL” and press “ENTER.”
    • Navigate to “CONFIRM” and press “ENTER.”
    • Navigate to “EXECUTE” and press “ENTER.”
    • When you reach the end of the portion you want to dub, press “”STOP/CLEAR” on the remote. Navigate to “CANCEL” and press “ENTER” to confirm.
  5. Once recording is finished, push stop on the VCR and the JVC machines and start Finalization.
    • Push “Setup” button on the JVC remote.
    • Move to “HDD/DVD SET UP,” then press the down arrow.
    • Go to “DISC SET UP,” then push the down arrow again.
    • Select “FINALIZE” and push the “ENTER” button.
    • Select an appropriate template by scrolling to it and pressing “ENTER.”
    • Navigate to “OK” and press “ENTER.”
    • Again, navigate to “OK” and press “ENTER.”
  6. Test your completed DVD in another DVD player to assure it works properly.


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Any person who makes an unauthorized copy or adaptation… except as permitted by title 17 of the United States Code may be liable for copyright infringement.

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