Can I film and post events to the Internet?

2014-08-08 00:01

Recording educational, artistic, and athletic activities allows us to share knowledge and information long after the live event. There are a number of ways you can record, edit, and post speakers, senior thesis presentations, rehearsals, and other activities. 

  • Many instructors choose to check out a camera with video recording capability from the library along with a tripod. If you need assistance uploading footage to a computer, LIS staff can help.
  • Instructors can recruit a student in their class to operate the camera if they want more "sophisticated" shots such as close-ups or following speakers.
  • Instructors can give aspiring filmmakers an opportunity to shoot and edit footage. The CDM department is a good place to start for potential recruits. (Pizza is always appreciated by students.)

To edit videos, you have the following options:

  • The flip cameras in the library come with a free editing tool.
  • You can use YouTube's video editor once you have uploaded your video to the site.
  • Windows Movie Maker (PCs) can be downloaded for free.
  • iMovie (Macs) is a user-friendly tool for Mac users.
  • These programs are available on laptops that can be checked out at the Hedberg Library circulation desk. The 24 hour checkout iPads also have an iMovie app.

There are a number of fairly painless options for posting videos, with varying levels of privacy. Some of these include:

  • YouTube: users can choose to make videos private, public, or choose with whom to share videos.
  • Vimeo: also allows user to choose the level of privacy, but allows for larger files than YouTube with a free account. 

LIS staff can assist in uploading footage, exploring hosting options, and demonstrate the educational features sites such as YouTube now offer for a richer video experience.


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