How do I correct sound issues on a laptop?

2014-08-08 00:00
  1. Check the instructions for your room at to determine that you have followed the proper procedure to connect your computer.
  2. Check the amplifier to see that it is turned on and that the volume (often labeled “Program”) is turned up adequately.
  3. If there is still no sound, unplug the mini-stereo cable, which looks like a headphone cable, from your computer. If there is NO sound from the computer, continue to step 3. If there is sound from your computer but it is not audible when plugged in, proceed to step 6.
  4. Ensure that the computer is not muted.
  5. Ensure that the computer volume is turned up until audio can be heard. If you still do NOT have sound, there is likely a problem with your computer. If yours is a CARTHAGE OWNED machine, please surf to Request Tracker ( and “Create a New Ticket in Computing,” explaining that your PC audio does not work.
  6. If you now have sound from our PC, re-plug the mini-jack into your computer’s headphone jack.
  7. Ensure that the other end of the mini-stereo cable is plugged in to the wall or A/V rack.
  8. If there is still no sound or if you cannot locate the amplifier, the issue needs to be referred to Media Services. Please surf to Request Tracker ( and “Create a New Ticket in Media,” explaining the problem you have encountered.


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