How do I use the Logitech USB Headphones?

2014-08-07 23:58

To use the Logitech USB Headphones, plug the headphones’ USB cable into a USB port on the computer.

On Windows:

  • Your PC will install the appropriate drivers to enable the USB headphones with your computer.
  • Once Windows is finished installing the driver, you and your sick beats are good to go.

On Mac OS X:

  • Your Mac should play sound through the headphones automatically—you and your sick beats should be good to go.
  • If not, you have a couple of options. The simplest route is to hold down the alt/option key (located to the left and right the command keys to the left and right of the spacebar). Under output devices, click on Logitech USB Headset.
  • You can also go to the Sound menu in the System Preferences app (Apple logo (ð)—> System Preferences —> Sound).
  • Under the Sound Effects tab, go to the Play sound effects through: setting and select Logitech USB Headset from the dropdown menu.

To control the volume output through the headphones, press the + and – buttons accordingly. These buttons are located on the headset’s clip, approximately a quarter of the way down the headset cord from the headphones.

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