How do I forget a wireless network on my device?

2018-09-02 16:19

There are a couple of scenarios where you may need to 'forget' a wireless network from your device when you are on-campus:

  • Your device is configured to connect to both wireless networks, and you need to remove one.
  • You recently changed your Carthage password and you can no longer connect to Carthage-Secure ('forgetting' Carthage-Secure will allow you to reconnect and enter a new password).
  • You entered an incorrect password for Carthage-Secure.

To 'forget' a network from your device, use the how-to documents below for assistance:

If you are still having trouble, please email or visit the Hedberg Library Information Desk for assistance.

Attached files: Forget Network on Windows 10.pdf, Forget Network on Android.pdf, Forget Network on iOS.pdf, Forget Network on Mac OS X.pdf

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