Ho do I avoid Zoombombing?

2020-04-14 20:49
Zoombombing" is a new term referring to attacks from people who intrude on online classes that are being hosted on Zoom webinar platforms and share racist, misogynistic and vulgar language. 

Articles about Zoombombing

Zoom Meetings Now Require a Password

As of 4/4/20 Zoom is enabling the password settings to require a password for meetings. These settings are designed to prevent unwanted participants from joining your Zoom meeting and will impact your meetings and webinars differently depending on when and how it was scheduled:

  • For previously scheduled meetings (prior to 4/4/20) with your Personal Meeting Id (PMI), participants will be required to enter a password when they join or they will need to be resent the meeting link with the newly embedded password. This password and updated invitation can be found in your Zoom web portal under Meetings, then Personal Meeting Room. 
  • For previously scheduled meetings or webinars with a unique one-time meeting ID, there is no need to enter a password when joining or resend the invitation. These meetings and webinars will not be impacted.
  • For meetings previously scheduled with a calendar integration, you will need to resend the invitation or share the password with the participants. Invitations will not be automatically updated.
  • All newly scheduled meetings and webinars, regardless of using PMI or a one-time meeting ID, will require a password. This password will be included in the invitation. If a participant manually enters the meeting/webinar ID, they will be prompted to enter the password.  

Waiting Room Turned On

As of 4/4/20 Zoom has enabled the Waiting Room feature by default for newly-created meetings. The Waiting Room allows the host to control when a participant joins the meeting. Waiting Room is one of the best ways to control who’s entering your Zoom meeting by giving you the option to admit participants individually or all at once. Zoom highly recommends using this feature to secure your meetings and prevent unwanted participants, but you may disable it. This change will not impact any meetings scheduled prior to 4/4/20.

Learn more about Waiting Room

Screensharing Defaults to ‘Host Only’

Zoom has changed the default for Screensharing. Now, when you start a Zoom meeting only the host and co-hosts may share their screens. You can still allow all meeting participants to share – click the up arrow next to the ShareScreen button, then change the “Who can share” setting to “All Participants.” 

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