How do I use polling software in the classroom for quick feedback?

2015-02-26 00:48

Engaging your students with live polling software is a great way to get instant feedback to a question. Poll Everywhere is an easy-to-use classroom audience response system that allows users to provide their answers via phones, tablets, or computers.

Questions can be multiple choice, open ended, or clickable image questions. Watch this quick video from PollEverywhere to see how it can be used.

Some of the simple benefits of using polling software include:

  • Being able to see which questions in your class deserve more attention. If the class is heavily split on their answer, this is a good time to allow the class to discuss amongst themselves to see if their ideas and answers will change.
  • Allowing your students the ability to be anonymous in the answers. There are a number of topics that are difficult to discuss. By providing anonymity it still gives students a voice in the classroom.
  • Providing an avenue for creating topics for discussion. Not that this has ever happened to me, but do you ever have a class that is a little on the quite side? Bueller? Bueller?

The polling questions are easily created inside of of Polls can be run either through the online software or through PowerPoint. There is a small app that can be added to PowerPoint that makes it easy to embed any of your polling questions. Feedback on the screen can be viewed in a number of ways including text walls, word clouds, and tickers.

Poll Everywhere is often used outside of Carthage as well. A number of faculty have used it during conference presentations to engage their audience during the warm up time or during select points in their presentation that merit response.

Our current license allows you to have up to 600 participants in a session! To get started, please email Chris Grugel at He will set up an account for you and answer any questions in creating your polls.

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