How do I turn on Google's 2-Step Verification?

2017-04-26 21:41

Turning on Gmail's 2-Step Verification

Carthage recommends using 2-Step Verification when logging on to your account whenever you can. It helps to safeguard your email account against unauthorized use.

Learn more about 2-Step Verification and update your settings at any time.

Following are instructions on how to enable 2-Step Verification for your Gmail account. Please see the attached pdf if you would like a copy of these instructions.

1. In your email account, go to the Apps menu in the upper, right corner of your window.

2. Choose "My Account." 

3. Choose "Sign-in & security."

4. Under the "Password & sign-in method," click in the "2-Step Verification" box. It should be marked as "Off" currently. 

5. Sign in to your account again.

6. Click "Get Started." 

7. Enter your cell phone number with area code.

8. Choose "Text message' to get a verification code sent to you via text.

9. Click "Try It." 

10. Google should have just texted you a code. Enter that code in the "Confirm that it works" window and click "Next." 

11. Tell Google you want to turn on 2-Step Verification. 

12. There is a second part to setting up the verification. You will have to select an alternative second step. We will choose "Google prompt." We will be adding a phone. 

13. On the next screen, click "Set up your phone" by choosing Adroid or iPhone (5S or later).


14. For the iPhone, you may have to download the "Google app" via the App Store on your phone. Once you have completed the steps in "Add phone" click the "Click here to try again" link in the window. Once your phone is recognized, you will see the following screen. Click "Next." 

15. When you next log in to your Gmail account, you will be prompted to verify that you are the one loggin in with a message on your phone. Once you acknowledge the message on your phone you will be logged in to your email. There is an option to remember this device for 30 days when loggin in. Choose that option if your device is not shared. Then you should only have to do the 2-Step Verification every thirty days.

16. You will receive an email from Google with the following information:

Congratulations on enabling 2-Step Verification for your Google Account. We have a few suggestions to make sure you can always access your account.

What if an app stops working

Now that you have 2-Step Verification, you may have trouble accessing your account from some apps, such as:

* "Mail" on iPhone, iPad, or Mac;

* Chat clients

To get your apps working again, you'll need something called an app password. Don't worry - we'll generate one for you, and you won't need to remember it.

Set up a backup phone

If your primary phone is ever unavailable when you need a code, Google can send one to a backup, like your home or work phone or even a family member's phone. To set one up,

1. Go to your 2-Step Verification settings page.

2. Click on Add a phone number in the Backup phones section.

Get backup codes

If you don't have access to your primary or backup phones - such as when you're traveling - you can sign in with a backup code. You can keep them in your wallet or save them as a file on your computer. To get your backup codes,

1. Go to your 2-Step Verification settings page.

2. Click on Show/Generate codes.

Learn more about 2-Step Verification and update your settings at any time.


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