How do I create filters in Google Mail?

2014-10-14 17:48

Creating filters in your Gmail account allows you to:

  • Block email messages from individual senders and send those messages directly to Spam.
  • File incoming messages where YOU want them.

To create a filter:

  1. Open a message from the sender you'd always like to redirect with this filter.
  2. Click the down arrow to the right of the “Reply” button (the one you'd use for Reply to all, Print, Forward, etc.)  Click "Filter messages like this."
  3. A panel will appear to create the filter. The sender’s address should already be filled in.  You don't need to change anything in this box unless you'd like to filter on some other criteria as explained below.
    • If you want to only filter some of the sender’s messages, you may do so by including or excluding words in the message.
      • For example, you may want all of the person’s emails except those asking for a donation. Put “donation” in the “Has the words” space.
      • Or, you may want only the emails that tell you of an upcoming meeting, so put “meeting” in the “Doesn’t have” space.
    • Similarly, you may filter out messages from that sender with a particular subject or to certain recipients by filling in the “Subject:” or “To:” space.
  4. Click the “Create filter with this search” link.

5. Click in the box next to “Delete it” if you want the identified message to go immediately to your trash. Other options are described below:

    • Instead of deleting an incoming message, you may apply a label to it and/or “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)” so it will only appear under that label. To do so, check the appropriate boxes on the filter screen and select the label you want to apply.
    • You may also choose to forward specific messages to another email address. To do this, check in the "Forward it" box and specify the email address to be sent to.

6. You may also check in the box that says "Also apply filter to matching conversations." This allows the new filter to immediately apply to existing messages among your “All Mail” that meet the specified criteria.

7. Click the “Create filter” button.

8. Click the Inbox link at the left to return to your mail.

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