How do I use the classroom technology in the Dance Studio in Tarble Athletic Recreation Center (TARC) 2235?

2014-09-19 18:19

Equipment Rack Power – Make sure these power switches are on at all times! DO NOT TURN POWER OFF TO EQUIPMENT!!!

Red Master Switch — Located at the top left of the rack. The switch must be toggled DOWN to power the equipment!

SHURE Switch — Located on the lowest section of the rack, above the cage. The bottom of the rack should be lit up with red and green lights. Switch must be toggled UP to power the sound receiver.

Amplifier Switch — Located above the SURE system, the amplifier should be on and the power and volume contorl should be glowing blue. The power button is located on the lower left of the amplifier's face plate. You must hold down the power button for a second to turn on the amp.


Using the CD Player (Denon Device)

  1. Select the CD input on the amplifier or teh amplifier remote.
  2. After assuring the CD player is on, insert the CD and allow it to play.


Using the DVD Player

  1. Select the VID1 input on the amplifier (or amp remote).
  2. Turn on the TV using the Samsung TV remote.
  3. Using the Source button (located on the upper right of the remote labeled "TV Remote TARC 2235"), set the TV source to “AV”.
  4. After assuring the DVD player and TV are on, insert the DVD and control the DVD using the DVD player remote.


Using a Laptop, iPad, or Smartphone for Sound

  1. Select the VID3 input on the amplifier (or amp remote).
  2. Plug the provided cable into the headphone jack on your device.


Using a Laptop for Video and Sound

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Using the Source button (located on the upper right of the remote labeled TV Remote TARC 2235), set the TV source to “HDMI1/DVI”.
  3. The VGA to HDMI adapter has both a VGA cable and a USB cable coming out of it. First, plug the USB cable into your computer.
  4. Next, plug the VGA cable into your computer. If you’re using a Mac, you will need to plug the VGA cable into your VGA adapter, and then plug the adapter into your Mac.
  5. Send the image to the projector:

    • On Windows computers with newer operating systems, press your "Windows key" and your "P" key at the same time. Select "Duplicate" to send the image to the projector.
    • On a Mac, click the "Apple icon"> "System Preferences" > "Displays" > "Arrangement" > "Mirror Displays."
    • For machines with older operating systems, please contact Media Services at least one full working day in advance of your presentation for assistance at (262) 551-5950.
  6. To use audio with the TV on a Mac, hold down one the Alt/Option keys on your Mac and click on the volume control (speaker icon) in your menubar. You'll be presented with a list of Output Devices, Input Devices, and a link to Sound Preferences, instead of the usual slider for your volume level. Under Output Devices, select the USB device.

The projected image will leave a black bar to the left and the right of your image, similar to the letter boxing that occurs across the top and bottom of the image when you watch a widescreen movie on a TV.



Volume is controlled by both the amplifier's large blue dial and the remote labeled "Amplifier Remote TARC 2235". The volume keys on the amplifier remote are located on the center-right of the remote.


For classroom assistance, contact the Hedberg Library Info Desk at (262) 551-5950

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