How do I Reset Physics Studio Classrooms (DSC 095 & 054) when Classroom Technology Stops Working

2016-03-21 15:39

Occasionally, network issues cause one or more of the TVs in the Physics Studio classrooms to become disconnected from the touch panel and controllers in the room. Follow these instructions to reconnect the TVs to the touch panel.

  1. Use the touch panel to power the system down.
  2. Locate the power switch on the equipment rack & toggle it off.
  3. Go to the large server-style rack in the corner of the room, locate the power switch on that equipment rack, and toggle it off.
  4. Locate the AMX receiver box behind each of the TVs in the room. The receiver box has an RJ-45 (ethernet) cable going into it, and an HDMI cable running out of it & into its respective TV. Unplug the RJ-45 cable from each receiver. You should notice the lights on the receiver going out.
  5. Wait a minute, and then turn on the server-style rack.
  6. Wait another minute, and then turn on the equipment rack.
  7. Wait another minute, and then start plugging the RJ-45 cables into the AMX receivers.
  8. Wait until the Audio, Video, & Network Status lights are solid on the AMX receiver, and then Network Link/Act light is either solid or blinking, before you attempt projecting to the TVs.

For help with classroom technology, please email Media Services at or call (262) 551-5950.

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