How do I use the instructional technology in Clausen 106?

2014-05-19 19:33

CC 106

Make sure the Master Power Switch, the DVD/VCR and the Amplifier on the equipment rack are turned on. Program volume on amplifier should be set to the 9 o'clock position

Power up: Touch the touch pad twice, this will bring up the Power On Menu.

Select Power On: This will turn on the projector. Wait for the countdown on the projector to finish.

Select Device Button: For example, laptop, VCR, DVD, etc. on the Main Menu page (see further instructions below for connecting your laptop)

Screen Controls: Separate switch located on the wall by the equipment rack with Up/Down controls.

Audio Controls: Volume Up/Down and mute buttons are located at the bottom of the touch pad on the Main Menu page.

Power Off: Turn power off by selecting button on the right hand side of the touch pad, then by selecting power off.


Connecting Your Laptop 

Step 1. Follow directions above to power on the system.

Step 2. Select the button labeled laptop.

Step 3. Plug in the VGA cable to your laptop.

Step 4. Make sure that the audio cable is connected from your laptop to the equipment rack.  In many cases, the audio plug on the equipment rack is located directly below the VGA plug on the equipment rack.

Step 5. Send the image to the projector:

  • On Windows computers with newer operating systems, press your "Windows key" and your "P" key at the same time.  Select "Duplicate" to send the image to the projector.
  • On a Mac, click the "Apple icon" > "System Preference"s > "Displays" > "Arrangement" > "Mirror Displays."
  • For machines with older operating systems, please contact Media Services at least one full working day in advance of your presentation for assistance at (262) 551-5950.

Step 6. Volume is located on the bottom of the touch screen on the Main Menu page.



Step 1. Follow directions above to power on the system.

Step 2. Select the button labeled either DVD or VCR.

Step 3. Put in either your tape or DVD.

Step 4. Playback controls are available through the touch screen.

Step 5. Volume is located on the bottom of the touch screen on the Main Menu page.


Do not turn off the power switches on the equipment rack, please Power Off using the Touch Panel.

For classroom technology assistance, please contact Media Services at or (262 551-5950). To report problems, please call the same number or email

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