How do I use the instructional technology in Clausen 105?

CC 105  -- click here for video instructions

To Turn on Power

Make sure the main power switch is turned on (GREEN).

Turning on the Projector

Make sure that you are using the remote labeled "CC105 Projector Remote" Aim the remote at the projector, and press the red button.

To use DVD/VCR

  1. Press the power button on the DVD/VCR player.
  2. Make sure the projector is on.
  3. Change the projector input to video by pressing the "video" button on the projector remote.
  4. Go to the equipment rack and press the white input button lableded "DVD/VCR".
  5. To select DVD or VHS press the silver circle button to change between the two options (The right half of the silver button is VHS and the left half is DVD).
  6. Insert the tape or DVD into the player and hit play.

To use Blu-ray

  1. Make sure the equipment rack input "Blu-ray" is selected.
  2. Make sure the projector input is on video; if not hit the "video" button on the projector remote to change inputs.
  3. Insert Blu-ray disc into the player and hit play.

To use Computer

  1. Make sure the projector has the computer input selected: if not, press the button labeled "computer" on the projector remote to change the input.
  2. Make sure the computer input is selected on the equipment rack.
  3. Connect the VGA cable to your computer.
  4. Make sure that the audio cable is connected from your laptop to the equipment rack.  In many cases, the audio plug on the equipment rack is located directly below the VGA plug on the equipment rack.
  5. Send the image to the projector:
    • On Windows computers with newer operating systems, press your "Windows key" and your "P" key at the same time.  Select "Duplicate" to send the image to the projector.
    • On a Mac, click the "Apple icon" > "System Preferences" > "Displays" > "Arrangement" > "Mirror Displays."
    • For machines with older operating systems, please contact Media Services at least one full working day in advance of your presentation for assistance at (262) 551-5950.

Turning off the Projector

Press the "power" button twice on the projector remote.

For classroom technology assistance, please contact Media Services at or (262 551-5950). To report problems, please call the same number or email

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