How do I insert "canned" responses into a Request Tracker (RT) ticket?

2019-08-08 01:27
Canned responses in RT for Dummies

A reference for the rest of us
To insert a "canned" response into the Reply section of an RT ticket, employ the following steps:
1: Open up the ticket that you want to respond to.

2:  Scroll to the bottom of the ticket.

3: In the upper-right hand corner of the message to which you want to respond, click "Reply"

4: At the bottom of the menu, verify that the Requestor(s) and CC's are correct for the ticket. If you notice any irregularities, rectify the situation before updating the ticket.

5: Click anywhere in the pink message box, select everything (command + A on a Mac; Ctrl + A on a PC), then delete it.

6: Directly above the text you just erased, select the drop-down box labeled "Select an article to include", and pick the response that you desire to send (for example, "Resolve Ticket/Do not thank us"). DO NOT press the "Go" button. (If you're feeling particularly rebellious, click it; it doesn't actually do anything)

7: The canned response is now ready to send. Skim the text to verify its correctness for the situation.

8: If you are changing the status of the ticket (e.g.resolving it), adjust the status using the "Status" drop-down in the "Ticket and Transaction" menu on the right-hand side of the screen.

9: Underneath the pink message box, click "Update Ticket"


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