How do I fix audio/video issues in Firefox to use Google Meet?

2020-03-19 15:34

Some users are having trouble with their microphones and audio when using Google Meet. The solution is to make sure to have Firefox and Google Meet "remember this decision" when you are setting up your initial audio/video when beginning your Google Meet session. Please see the instructions below.

  1. Open up Google Meet click "Join or start a meeting."
  2. The following dialog box SHOULD pop-up regarding "Microhone to share": 
  3. CHECK THE BOX next to "Remember this decision."
  4. Click "Allow."
  5. You should then get the next prompt regarding "Camera to share": 
  6. CHECK THE BOX next to "Remember this decision."
  7. Click "Allow."

If the boxes don't pop-up, try closing the browser and starting over.  

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