How do I use Google Forms to create a survey?

2014-10-14 20:38

Google Drive contains a “Forms” feature that allows Google Apps users to create and administer surveys. The survey should go to users of Carthage’s Google system, not to outside email addresses.

Go to Google Drive by logging in to your Google email account, clicking the Google Apps grid in the upper right of the page, then choosing the “Drive” option. Once in Google Drive, follow these instructions to create your form:

  1. On the left sidebar, click the “New” button.
  2. Scroll down to "More," then choose "Google Forms."
  3. If you want to collect the username of the respondents, check the "Automatically collect respondent's username" box at the top of the form. The other Form Setting options are self explanatory.
  4. Fill in a title for your form in the box that says "Untitled form."
  5. Fill out the description for the form under the title.
  6. The first question is automatically included. Fill out the title of the first question and the help text to go with it. The help text can be instructions for answering the question.
  7. If you want the question to be required, check the box next to “Required question.”
  8. Under "Question Type" click on the drop-down list to choose the type of question you want to ask (such as Multiple choice, Text, Choose from a list, Checkboxes, etc.). When you choose a question type, other options will be revealed that are relevant only to that question type.
  9. Enter the options for the question, as needed. When finished with the question, click “Done.”
  10. Add questions to your form by clicking “Add item” underneath the previously made question.
  11. Google’s “Auto-save” feature will automatically save your document for you.
  12. You can set the “theme” or look of the form by selecting “Change theme” on the upper left of the screen. Scroll through the themes and choose “Apply” when you find one you like.
  13. When the test form is completed, select “Send form” in the top right of the screen, then insert the emails you wish to send it to in the new window.
  14. Once a user completes the survey, you will receive an email confirmation in the form of a spreadsheet for easy review.

Editing Forms

  1. Open the form from your Google Drive.
  2. Select your form that you wish to edit.
  3. You can delete questions by clicking on the trash can icon next to the particular question you want to delete.

Viewing Your Results

  1. You can view a summary of your results by opening the form from your Google Drive.
  2. Click on “View responses.”
  3. Google will ask you to choose a response destination. You can choose to create a spreadsheet that will automatically be populated with the submitted responses.
  4. You now can view charts to review your survey results.
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