How is my email spam being filtered at Carthage?

2015-02-04 18:36

You may have noticed that you don’t receive any quarantine messages from the Postini anti-spam service any more. Google bought Postini several years ago, and they slowly migrated all spam filtering into Google Mail itself. The transition for Carthage finished in late October, and Postini is no longer filtering your spam.

Since Postini is no longer catching spam, there is no reason to go there to look for messages you think may be stuck in the filter. Instead, when spam messages come in, they go directly into your spam folder in your Carthage Google Mail. Look for the spam folder listed on the left, below sent mail and drafts. Also, if you want to search for something in your spam box, you can formulate a search such as, “in: Spam dog ate homework,” which will search for any message that have the words “dog,” “ate,” and “homework” that are in your spam box.

If you get a message that you consider spam, there is no need to go to Postini to black list the sender. Instead, click the spam button above the message, which looks like a stop sign, to flag them as spam in Google. From then on, any messages from that sender will go directly to the spam folder.

There are also some other features of Google that may help keep your Inbox free of self-induced spam, like listservs you have signed up for, social media notifications, and Amazon promotions. If you have questions about these, let us know by sending a message to That will create a ticket in our request tracker system, and someone will get back to you with answers, or show you how to use these features.

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