What is the policy for posting to Carthage mailing lists?

2014-08-07 23:40

The following guidelines govern the posting of messages to the “all” and “student” listservs on the Carthage e-mail system.

  • Only Carthage community members (faculty, staff, and students) with Carthage e-mail addresses may post to these lists. No postings will be accepted from off-campus e-mail addresses. 
  • All postings are moderated. Any submission deemed inappropriate will not be posted.
  • All postings from students are moderated by the Dean of Students Office according to the Community Code. Any submission deemed inappropriate will not be posted.
  • Postings must not contain attachments. All information should be contained in the message or referred to in a hyperlink.
  • The message must have the Subject filled in. Any messages without a subject line will not be posted.
  • The maximum message size is 30K. Any submission that is too large will not be posted.
  • Postings from students should be submitted at least three business days in advance; postings from faculty/staff should be submitted at least two business days in advance. Postings submitted after 4 p.m. are considered to be submitted on the following day.
  • Postings for events should contain complete information about the event. No more than two postings should be submitted for the same event unless subsequent postings contain significantly different information (change of location, time, etc.).
  • Postings must not contain forwarded messages. All information must be contained in a message originated by the sender.
  • Postings for the following types of items will not be accepted:
    • Lost and found 
    • For sale items, for rent, wanted to buy, etc.
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