How do I change the default applications for computing processes in Windows OS?

2019-12-04 18:05

If you are having trouble opening pdfs, your application assigned as the default app to open pdfs may be set to a program you no longer have access to. You may check to see what is the default apps for processes and make changes in the following manner:

1. In the search box at the lower left corner of your screen, type "default apps."

2. Click the item that pops up called "default apps system settings." That will open a settings app.

3. Scroll down in the panel on the right and click the link "Choose default apps by file type."

4. In the next window that opens, scroll WAY DOWN to ".pdf" (they are in alphabetical order). You will probably see Adobe Acrobat DC to the right. Click that.

5. In the "Choose an App" menu that pops up, click "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC."

6. Close that window.

7. Try to re-open the PDF, and it should launch Adobe Acrobat Reader instead.

Please email if you have further questions.

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