Can I add room availability hours to Ad Astra?

2017-07-31 20:14

You may want to block off times in Ad Astra when rooms in your building are unavailable.

1. Log in to Ad Astra (you must be an administrator of the program for access). 

2. Click on the "Resources" tab.

3. Click "Rooms." 

4. Find the room you want to edit and click the yellow pencil next to it. (If you click the room title instead of the pencil, click the Edit button on the room screen.) 

5. Scroll down to the Usage Control section. 

6. Click the "Create Exception" button. 

7. Fill out the form to include the times and dates the room is unavailable.

8. Click the "Apply New Rule" button. 

9. If there are more hours the same resource is unavailable, repeat steps 6-8.

10. When you've added all the exception rules, click the "Finish" button. 

11. On the next screen, click "Save."               

12. You should be able to see your exception in the "Usage Control" section of the room view. 

When you create a New Rule, you can later re-use that on other resources. So, for example, if you crate a "Weekend/Close" rule, you may re-use that for any rooms that are closed on a weekend.


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