How do I use Astra Assist?

2017-07-31 20:26

Installing Astra Assist

Astra Assist is a simpler Ad Astra interface for basic room availability viewing and creating simple room requests.

1. Click on this link to begin the download.

2. You will need to open this link while you are logged in to your Carthage Google Apps account to have the proper permissions to open the file.

3. Click on the "Setup_AstraAssistStudent.msi" link in Google Drive. 

4. Choose "Download."

5. The Windows Installer for the software will be saved to your computer. Double-click that installer.

6. If your device is blocking the installation, click the "More info" link, then the "Run anyway" button. 

7. Navigate to Astra Assist once it is installed on your computer by finding it in your device's Programs folder, or "Search programs and files" in your Start menu.

8. When opening the file for the first time, a box will pop up saying "First Run Detected." Click "Yes" to launch the program.  


9. Once the Astra Assist window opens, click on the "Help" tab for instructions on how to use the program. 

10. You may right-click on the icon on your desktop toolbar to "Pin this program to the taskbar" for easy access.

Please email if you have any questions.

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