How do I request a room with Ad Astra?

2020-09-21 19:18

Carthage has a web-based room scheduling resource called Ad Astra used to request campus rooms for a meeting or event. You can also use it to see the properties of the various rooms and check if a room you’re interested in is in use on a specific day and time.

Access Ad Astra via the Tools dropdown menu on any Carthage webpage, click this link to go directly to the resource. Log in with your Carthage email address and your Carthage password.

Please see this video on how to request a space in Astra.

1. "Create Event" under Activity List to request a space. (You will have to be approved by an administrator in the TWC, so just because you submit the request does not necessarily guarantee you will get the room.)

2. Enter your meeting information

* Single, Multiple, Recurring

* Start time/End time

* Start date/End date

* Event Name: Choose a descriptive name

* Choose a Room from the drop-down menu.

* Choose Event Type from the drop-down menu.

* Contact: Look for your name (or the person who you are representing) in the drop-down menu.

* Click Save and Send Notification.

3. You will have to wait for staff to approve or deny your request and to contact you.

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