Printing from your Carthage-Owned Mac with NoMAD and PaperCut

Richard LaHue
2017-12-08 18:42

This document is a simple walkthrough of printing from your Carthage-owned Mac for people who have already had the PaperCut and NoMAD clients setup on their Macs. If you'd like this done, shoot an email to requesting an appointment with someone to install NoMAD and the PaperCut client on your Carthage-owned machine.

  1. Click the NoMAD icon up in your menubar. (It looks like a triangle.)
  2. Click Sign In from the dropdown menu.
  3. For your User Name, enter your Carthage username (i.e., your Carthage email address w/out the on the end).
  4. For your Password, enter your Carthage password (i.e., your Carthage email password).
  5. When you’ve signed in properly, there will be a number next to the NoMAD menubar icon. That’s how many days you’ve got left with your current password (bonus: you don’t have to rely on password reset emails now!).
  6. Open a document and print to Carthage Print. You should get a pop up window asking which of your cost centers to charge the print job to.

If you run into printing issues, you can send an email to or come to the library’s information desk for help with it.

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