How do I scan a document to send via email at the Hedberg Library?

2014-10-14 18:42
  1. Log in to the printer with your Carthage ID card.
  2. Insert a document in either the paper feeder (face-up) or on the glass (face-down).
  3. Press the “Scan and Send” button on the machine.
  4. If you want to send the scanned document to yourself, choose "Send to Myself."
  5. If you want to send the scanned document to someone other than yourself, choose "New Destination" and then "Email." You will need to add a full email address to the box. At any time you may press “Destination” to view a full list of all e-mail addresses entered.
  6. Press the “Start” button on the copier. This will scan the doucment. If your document was on the glass, remove first page and insert second page (then third page, then fourth, etc…) and press the "Start” button on the printer(for every page).
  7. When the scan is completed, press the "Begin sending" button on the screen.
  8. Log out of the printer with the button on the lower right of the screen.
  9. The scan will arrive as a pdf in an email shortly.


Updated 10/14/14

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