How do I create merge documents that use multiple paper trays?

2014-05-15 18:13

Creating merge documents that use multiple paper trays in Office 2007 for Windows.

If you have a merge letter that has more than one page and you want for the first page to use paper from one printer tray and subsequent pages to use paper from another tray, you will need to use section breaks in MS Word 2007 as described below.

  1. Create your merge document as you would otherwise with merge fields, etc. You must do this from the master document and not the final merged version.
  2. Determine where the second page of the document will begin and position your cursor there.
  3. With the “Page Layout” tab active, click the “Breaks” item in the “Page Setup” section of the ribbon. 
  4. Select the option to add a section break that begins a new page as shown below.  This creates a page break and a separate section.  
  5. With the cursor somewhere in the first page of your document, click the small box at the lower right of the “Page Setup” box to show the page setup dialog box.
  6. Click the “Paper” tab and select “Tray 2” for First Page and for Other pages. Make sure that “Apply To:” at the bottom is set to "This section.” Click “OK.” If “this section” is not an option, then you did not properly add a section break in step 4.
  7. Next, with your cursor on the second page, click the same small box and repeat step 6, except specify Tray 3 for that section.
  8. Save your master document and merge. 


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