How do I use the Portal?

2016-04-25 19:16

What is the portal? 

The portal is the web site that members of the Carthage community will use to connect to the registration and advising system. Consider it the “entry way” into these important functions. Eventually, it will become a central location for resources, links, forums, and other systems.

What does the portal do?

At present, the portal provides the same capabilities as the previous registration and advising system, plus a few more. These include the following for STUDENTS:

  • Selecting and registering for classes.
  • Viewing your course schedule, including date/time, instructor and room information.
  • Dropping and adding classes.
  • Viewing your grades when they are posted.
  • Viewing your student account (Initially, only your balance will carry over to the new system. You will need to look up past transactions on the old system.  Any new transactions will be posted to the new system).

The present capabilities for FACULTY include:

  • Viewing class rosters.
  • Submitting grades.
  • Working with advisees.

Capabilities for EVEYONE include:

  • Access to links and other systems.
  • Campus news and announcements.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I access the portal?

Use a web browser to go to

How do I login to the portal?

  1. Enter your Carthage user ID and password in the login boxes at the upper right of the portal screen.
  2. If you don’t know this information, your Carthage user ID is the same as the one you use for Carthage Google mail and Blackboard. If you’ve not used your Carthage user ID before, your password may be your ID number. If not, you can reset your password at

When will I need to access the portal?

  1.  Access the portal to register for J-term, Term II, or other classes. Advisors will need to use the system to approve their students for registration.
  2. Students and faculty will soon use the portal to enter or view their mid-term or Fall grades.
  3. Use the portal to view your Carthage bill.

What if I don’t see what I’m looking for in the portal?

Keep in mind that not all features that the portal can have will be available right away.  Access to Google Apps, Blackboard, and/or the ability to pay your bill on-line will be coming late.

Not all features are available all the time. For example, you can only use the portal to drop or add a course while the drop/add period is active, and you can only register through the portal at times when your registration in open.

If you can’t see the tab(s) or something else that you think you should, your user ID may not be defined completely in the portal. Contact the Hedberg Library Information Desk or open a ticket at or by e-mailing to

When will the old system go away?

Some functions in the old system will still be available, specifically the ability to see past details about a student bill.

HOWEVER, since the old registration interface does not communicate with the new system, you cannot use it for any of the functions related to course enrollment or to make any changes to any part of your records.

What’s the difference between the portal and CX?

You may hear a number of different names and acronyms. The portal is a web-based interface for the underlying system software called Jenzabar CX. Office staff such as people who work each day in the business office, admissions, development or Registrar’s office will use a Java-based interface into CX that is different than the portal. Students and most faculty will never use the “CX interface” but will do all of their work in the portal.

The portal has a few other names, including JICS and “the CRMs.” “Jenzabar” is the name of the company that provides the CX and portal software, so you may hear that name occasionally as well. 

I heard that the portal is replacing Blackboard. Is this true?

One of the systems that can be accessed through the portal is a new learning management system similar to Blackboard that is provided by and integrated with the Jenzabar CX and the portal, called eLearning (eRacer). We will be piloting eLearning (eRacer) with a limited number of courses and faculty in the Spring 2011 term with everyone else still using Blackboard. In Fall 2011, eLearning (eRacer) will completely replace Blackboard for all courses.


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