How do I change my OneLogin 2-factor authentication to the OneLogin Protect app?

2021-03-18 18:10
Carthage is utilizing a single-sign-on (SSO) solution called OneLogin. The goal is to consolidate how people authenticate into Carthage-related applications so we can manage access and promote better security practices through multi-factor authentication. The OneLogin dashboard is a one-stop-shop allowing people easy access to all Carthage applications they are allowed to use, and people will be able to move from application to application without having to authenticate for each.

If you would like to change your 2-factor authentication in OneLogin to the OneLogin Protect app, you may do so on your own. If you've lost your phone or deleted the app, this how-to will also work. However, you will need access to your account via a temporary token that LIS will have to provide for you. 

1. Go to and log in with your Carthage username and password.

2. Click on your name in the top right and select "Profile."

3. In the left-hand column of your profile, select "Security Factors."

4. This lists your current security applications (factors).

5. Click on the "Add Factor" button above the list, and select "OneLogin Protect." (OneLogin Protect is the Hedberg Library helpdesk-supported option of authentication and the one recommended by LIS.)

6. On your mobile device, download the "OneLogin Protect" app from the AppStore or Google Play Store and install it.

7. On the OneLogin screen of your computer, click "Activate."

8. On your mobile device, open the OneLogin Protect app.

9. At the top right, tap the "+" icon.

10. Allow camera access, if prompted.

11. Place the OneLogin QR code presented on your web browser into the square on the camera.

12. It should automatically activate, and your web browser will redirect you back to the "Security Factors" webpage with the new Authentication application present. (If necessary, provide the 6-digit code.)

13. If you have more than one security factor set up, click on the three dots next to the OneLogin Protect application, and select "Set as Primary."

14. Optionally, after completing the above steps, you can remove the old authentication application by clicking the three dots and selecting "Remove." Or you may choose to leave it as a backup method.

15. Once logged into you'll see a dashboard that lists the apps available via OneLogin.

16. Clicking on the icon for the service you want to access, will send you directly to that resource without having to log in again.

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