How do I change my password?

2019-08-08 00:24

You can change your Carthage password at any time, and you should be reminded to do so every 365 days. This will change your Carthage network password which is used for my.carthage, the Carthage directory, remote access to library databases, and also to your Carthage Google Apps account (including Carthage email). Note: You must change your password BEFORE it expires.  If your password has already expired, you will need to use your challenge questions as explained here.

  1. Open a browser and point it to
  2. Login using your current Carthage user ID and password.
  3. Click the Change Password button at the top of the list.
  4. You wil need to select a password that meets the requirements stated at the top of the page. Select a password that you will REMEMBER but that is secret and private.
  5. Enter the new chosen password in the boxes lower on the page.
  6. Click the Change Password button below the boxes.
  7. You should get a confirmation that your password was successfully changed.
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