How do I save a document external to OnBase?

2014-05-14 17:18

Save As Document

If you have sufficient privileges, you can save open documents to a location outside of
OnBase using any of the following methods:

  • From an open document, click the “Save to File” toolbar button.
  • From an open document, select “File" > "Save As.”
  • From an open document or from any document(s) selected in a Document Search
    Results list, right-click and select “Send To" > "File.”

When you select “Send To" > "File” from a Document Search Results list:

  • For multi-page image documents, the document is stored in Group IV Tiff format.
  • Other documents are stored in their original formats.
  • The document is saved without any notes attached to the document - i.e., the
    Advanced Options window will never be displayed when using this method.
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