Completing the CITI Program's Social and Behavioral Research training module.

2020-02-10 21:15

When you are required to complete CITI training for conducting research on human subjects, you will need to create an account, select courses to add to your account, and complete training. If you've already created an account, you may skip to "Selection of Training Module" or "Begin Training."

  1. Registration and Access to CITI Program Training
  2. Creating Login
  3. Selection of Training Module
  4. Begin Training
  5. Certification of Completion
  6. Questions?

1. Registration and Access to CITI Program Training

  • Under "Select Your Organization Affiliation" enter "Carthage College." 

  • Click the box next to "I AGREE to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for accessing CITI Program materials."
  • Click the box next to "I affirm that I am an affiliate of Carthage College."
  • Click the button to "Continue To Create Your CITI Program Username/Password."

2. Creating Login

  • Enter your name and Carthage email address. 


  • Create a username, password, and security question and answer. 

  • Enter your country of residence. 
  • Click "Yes" or "No" regarding contact preferences.

  • Click "Yes" or "No" regarding Continuing Education credits: Most likely choose "No." Answer contact questions regarding marketing and surveys. 

  • Enter demographic information.
    • Institutional Email Address: Carthage email address.
    • Department: Enter the department your class is in (Ex. Chemistry).
    • Role in Research: Select one of the roles from the drop-down list. 

3. Selection of Training Module

This step is critical; it will determine the training course your faculty is requesting you complete.

Q1: Human Subjects Research:

  • Select "Social & Behavioral Research Investigators."

Q2: Institutional/Signatory Officials & IRB Chair: 

  • Leave answers blank.

Q3: Good Clinical Practice (GCP): 

  • Select "Not at this time."

Q4: Information Privacy Security: 

  • Select "I am not required to complete the IPS course at this time."

Q5: Responsible Conduct of Research: 

  • Select "Not at this time."

Q6: Conflicts of Interest (COI):

  • Select "No."


Q7: Laboratory Animal Research:

  • Leave answers blank.

Q8: Public Health Research: 

  • Select "Not at this time."

Q9: IRB Committee: 

  • Select "Not at this time" and click "Complete Registration."

Click "Finalize Registration." 

4. Begin Training

  • Log into your CITI account. You should see a list of your available training modules.
  • Click "View Courses." 

  • Under "Courses Ready to Begin" click "Start Now" next to the course you will be taking. 

  • CITI has a save function and will allow you to leave and come back to finish later.
  • You will be required to complete each module and earn an 80% correct on each. You will be able to re-take modules if you do not achieve 80%.

5. Certification of Completion

  • Upon completion, CITI will provide you with a certificate of completion for this course.
  • Download and save the certificate as a PDF.
  • Provide the certificate to your faculty for verification of completion.

6. Questions?

If you have questions about navigating the CITI training, please contact:

  • Sarah Mueller
  • Access Services Librarian, Hedberg Library, Carthage College
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