What is the process for sending my Master's thesis to the bindery?

2015-02-18 14:55

Education Department Master’s Theses

Hedberg Library will send your Education Department Master’s Thesis to be bound.

A “Master’s Thesis Binding Form” will be completed by the requester. (You may receive the form while completing your application for graduation paperwork.) It typically takes between 4-8 weeks for copies to come back from the bindery, depending on the bindery’s schedule. Students’ personal bound copies will be mailed to their home address, as indicated on the request form.

The library will send to the bindery:

  • 1 bound paper copy to be kept in Hedberg Library’s permanent, circulating collection.
  • 1 electronic copy to be kept in the Staubitz Archives.
  • 1 bound paper copy to be given to the Education Department. Individual copies for advisers and thesis committee members will be bound upon request. The $11 binding fee per each copy will be billed to the Education Department.
  • Personal copies requested by the student at $11 per copy.

Carthage College Senior Theses

The Lentz Hall Mailroom will bind copies of Senior theses with a soft-cover cardstock. See the Mailroom webpage for more details.

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