How do I connect to the S: drive via VPN (Windows 10)?

2019-09-20 23:56

The College's shared drives (S: drive) are housed on-campus and are only accessible when you are on-campus or connected via VPN.  When connected via VPN you can go to Windows File Explorer (Windows Key + E) and see if the S: drive has been automatically mapped.  If it has not, you'll need to perform the following:

  1. Open Windows File Explorer (Windows Key + E)
  2. Right-Click This PC and select Map network drive.
  3. Enter \\cc-ad-fs-01\share into Folder, uncheck Reconnect at sign-in and check Connect using different credentials:
  4. Enter carthage\<username> and your Carthage password


In this scenario the S: drive will now be mounted as the Z: drive to your computer (note that you can choose the drive letter in step 3 above).

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