How can I use the Staubitz Archives with my classes?

2017-07-14 20:30

FAQ for Faculty and Staff:

How can my class use the Staubitz Archives?

Faculty are welcome to hold classes for the use of archival materials in the Archives Reading Room. Archives staff will prepare presentations or make available material for use in a class by faculty or students. If desired, the Archives staff will also visit classes to explain the use of the collections in primary research. Please contact the Archives well in advance to arrange a mutually convenient time for your class.

Can I reserve the Staubitz Archives Reading Room for a class?

You may reserve the Archives Reading Room for classes by contacting the Archives. The Archives staff will then reserve the room in Ad Astra. Requests to reserve the room should be made well in advance to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts and that a staff member will be present. When requesting the room, please indicate any special needs that your class may have (i.e. television, projector, or extra staff).

What is the benefit of teaching with primary sources?

Primary sources are the raw materials of history, providing a window into the past and unfiltered access to the historical record. These original records are not necessarily paper records; primary sources can also be prints, artwork, and audio and visual recording. Primary sources can be described as sources that are closest to the origin of the information. They contain raw information and therefore must be interpreted by the student.

Using primary sources transcends the role of just learning facts and figures. It encourages critical thinking skills; introducing students to issues of context, selection, and bias; to the nature of collective memory and to other like aspects in the construction of history. Primary sources encourage students to become independent researchers and analyze the documents for themselves. They must answer questions about who created the document, why it was created, and what it means.

Using primary source documents can be a rewarding but challenging exercise for students. While the challenge associated with using primary source documents can help to develop students’ research and writing skills, at first many can be overwhelmed and unsure of how to use these documents. Professors should be prepared to help guide students in analyzing primary source documents. The National Archives website provides excellent resources to help with this task. Listed below are PDF links to its primary source analysis worksheets. These worksheets can be useful to both students and faculty when trying to understand and utilize primary resources.

NARA Worksheets

I need photographs or records for a project. What do I do?

If you are faculty or staff and need photographs or information for a project or publication, please contact us directly. In most cases, we will be able to email you copies of photographs and/or any information that you require.

Looking for more in-depth information on using archives? Check out this guide from

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